Things parents with an autistic child should know

Autism, also known as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a treatable condition characterised by communication and behavioural issues. It can manifest itself in a wide variety of symptoms and abilities. Communication is hard for children with autism. They have a hard time comprehending what other people are thinking and feeling.

Even though one out of every 68 children are now diagnosed with Autism, the condition is still grossly inaccurate. Autistic parents, on the other hand, are fantastic at expressing who their kids are and why they are autistic.
You've already spent considerable time as a parent worrying about your child's future. And more so if they have been diagnosed with autism diagnosis, or ASD.

The following are some points that parents of autistic children should be aware of.

1.Don’t worry about what other people are thinking- The most essential thing that bothers all the parents with autistic children is what others will talk about. theme. Society has not yet accepted children with autism but their parents should make them feel the best and similar to all other children’s. Stop worrying about public appearance and start treating your own child similarly to that of others.

2.Be Aware- medical issues are also involved- Parents with autistic children have no idea about what kind of medical issues their child can face or go through l. Parents should be aware and have proper knowledge regarding the issues their child can face. All medical issues from constipation, pains, inflammation etc have a great effect on a child’s health moods, behavioural patterns etc. This should be kept into knowledge and worked upon.

3.When it comes to autism one size doesn’t fit -Is it possible to play basketball on a football court? No! But does this mean that the football court is at fault? No, it's not true. A child with autism is in the same boat. Just because they don't acquire knowledge in the same way as "normal" children do doesn't mean they're not at par with them. They are similar to normal children. All they require is special care and support from their parents, family and loved ones.

4.An autistic child has feelings - Parents should understand their child and always support them. Autistic children also have feelings and emotions they work the same way other children do. Though they do have the power to speak, this doesn’t mean they do not have feelings- they can express and use their mind to come up with new ideas, opinions etc. Some autistic children learn sign language to express themselves while some take the help of equipment. 

5.Be grateful for your connection with your child- Parents of autistic children should always remain grateful for the connection they are forging with their child. They are making them feel the best and giving their child space to freely express. When your child expresses his /her love by showering hugs and kisses to you how beautiful it feels to him as well as you as a parent. This connection will help your child to become the best version of themselves as they will have a feeling of trust, confidence and security around themselves. 

6.Prioritise your child’s freedom and independence- Once adapted to the routine of their children’s. Interaction, self-help, and ethically responsible skills are places where parents pay close attention. A child with strong academic abilities but weak interpersonal skills, bad hygiene, or an inclination to harm others will have their prospects severely limited.

7.Seek out a mentor- Apart from doctors’ advice, parents should seek out a mentor for their child’s development and growth. It is always best to have guidance from the person who has expertise in the same field to which you are going through. Mentors can guide you better to treat your Children’s and maintain a healthy relationship.

8.It’s normal to be sad about your child’s autism diagnosis- It is normal for every Parent to get sad by hearing about their child’s condition. It is a natural tendency of a parent towards their children’s. Parents with autistic children are blessed to have them as they are far better than those children who are involved in illegal and harmful activities such as drugs, drinks, smoking and other illegal activities.

9.Make your children’s play with other kids- Lot of parents have a misunderstanding that leaving their autistic children with other kids might be a danger. No, parents should let their children’s free to play with other kids and interact with each other. With time they will make new friends and try to interact and feel similar to others. This will not only help them to interact and enjoy but also improves child’s development.

10.Give time- Parents should give time to their children, autistic children’s needs special attention, care and support by their families and loved ones. Try different techniques and make your child involved in fun activities. As you find out what works best for your kid, you'll probably try a variety of interventions, therapies, and approaches. Keep a good attitude and don't get discouraged if they don't react well to one form.

11.Get Support- Support from other relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances, whether online or in person, can be extremely beneficial. Make a village with friends and family members who are familiar with your child's diagnosis. Relationships can be hard to maintain, and your child may need assistance in doing so. Support groups can be a valuable resource for sharing help and guidance as well as meeting other parents facing similar issues.

12.Focus on the positive- Parents with autistic children should always focus on the positive things and neglect negativity around themselves and their child. A positive and friendly environment will make your child happy and healthy from inside and outside. They react well to positive encouragement. That means that complimenting them on their positive actions will make them feel healthy. Make sure they understand precisely what you enjoyed about their actions by being descriptive. Find ways to motivate them, such as more playtime or a tiny prize such as a sticker.


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