Things a child with autism wishes you knew.

When kids act in a way that attracts attention, we are always eager to pass opinions on what we see – but when a young child with autism is fighting with the world, the last thing they need is our criticism.  Autistic children have difficulty communicating, have limited interests, and engage in compulsive movements. Autism symptoms may appear in the early years. Autism can be detected as early as two years of age.

These ten suggestions are based on our joint study and close involvement with autistic children.

1.See me for who I am
An autistic child is only him; there is no other like autistic children’s in the world. Every autistic child is different and born with unique characteristics. They wish from people to accept them with their flaws and skills that they possess. All they want from you is to shower them with lots of love and blessings, which can help them in growth and development.

2.I hear, see and feel the world differently to you
Children with Autism are different from others, and they may not like things that an average child likes. Lighting, heat, expensive goods, noises, smells etc., may be something stressful and frightening for them. Loving in our language means hugs and kisses, but this may not be like for autistic children’s. Hugs and unnecessary touches make them feel irritated at a point in time. These children’s notice all minute details which an ordinary person doesn't find some boring stuff enjoying and exciting. They want us to make them feel good. They want us to share our things that they see or look at differently. 

3.Help me with Social Interactions-
Autistic children’s also wants to play and make new friends just like other kids do. The only difficulty they find is how to take the initiative and interact with kids when on the playground. They also wish to communicate and play with other friends. They want their family to help them out with social interactions. They want people to understand them and encourage them to communicate and interact without being conscious. These kids are brilliant when on the playground with other kids they catch the sport efficiently and quickly but lack the confidence to show their skills as they do not know who to read body languages or express things through facial expressions.

4.Recognise what affects my meltdowns
Autistic children’s are susceptible when it comes to their emotions and feelings. They take things on themselves and never forget. It takes a lot of attention when communicating or what to say to an autistic child. He or she suffers from meltdowns which are very hard for them than us. They want their parents or loved ones to observe them and look at the cause behind their breakdowns. Meltdowns are generally caused by overloading of any of the senses, which is very hard for them to go through. They wish people could observe and keep an eye on what causes meltdowns and how they can be prevented and cured at the beginning.

5.Routine is essential for me-
Autistic children always want a routine to be followed. They may be anxious at times but love to experience new things and work as normal kids. They want people to support them and help them to cope up and help in adapting the society and regular routines. Though they want to play safe but also loves to join others and experience the world, they want others to join them and strengthen their bonds with autistic children and make them feel their very own.
6.My behaviour is my way of communicating. cannot
Children’s with autism disorder find difficulty in expressing themselves through speaking. They may get irritated and frustrated when they are unable to share their feelings with anyone, and People misunderstood them as naughty, rude or disrespectful child. But they want others to understand that this is not what they meant to say. It is their way of communicating.

7.I am a visual Thinker.
Autism affects a child's ability to absorb spoken words. They should, however, visual research information before they fully comprehend it.  It takes a lot of patient experience to understand.

8.Think about what I can do, not on what I Can’t
Autistic children’s are clever and friendly children; they are very picky when it comes to learn something or communicate with someone. Their interest lies in observing things in details and noticing the darker or more profound side of an item or person, which may scare ordinary people. This is what Autistic children wish others knew and support them in the same. They want us to work with them and explore together. Ordinary people like watching televisions or playing video games, but here is what autistic children look at the cause behind making these tv sets or games rather than enjoying playing the game.

9.My senses are out of sync.
Children with autism do not have the same sensing ability as normal kids. Their ordinary senses trigger and are very difficult for them to cope up with. Due to pain, they may react rudely or differently in front of others which might be misunderstood by others. They want people to understand the psychology behind their actions. This is not what they want to do, but they are helpless to come out of this. All they wish is a deep understanding of the things they are going through, making them react this way. Their hearing may be hyperacute; loud music and noises give them pain, whereas their smelling sense is super sensitive to different fragrances or smells.

10.Need Love unconditionally
Lastly, the essential aspect that an autistic child wishes for is unconditional love and support from everyone. Without a loved one’s guidance, support and love, children cannot grow and develop. All they crave is love and care. They want somebody to understand every aspect of their life, all pains the child is going through and help them bear such disorder with love and strength.

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