Light Therapy Treatments: Everything you need to know about it

Light Therapy is the process to treat seasonal affective disorder which usually occurs during winters. To benefit from this therapy, you need to sit near a device called a light therapy box. The box emits a bright light that resembles just like natural outdoor light. This therapy is also effective to treat sleeping disorders too. With minimum side effects, this therapy has proved to be very beneficial and will cut down on solid medicines.Umeed Rehabilitation Centre is a world-class and fully equipped rehabilitation Centre in Lucknow that caters to the requirements of differently-abled children. It has trained professionals and a team of experienced doctors to provide the therapies to the patients. The vision of the centre is to treat the adults and children in a very conducive atmosphere.

Benefits of light therapy:

1.Natural way of treatment: The therapy involves light, just like natural light. No chemical medication is associated with this therapy. The person taking this therapy remains at ease.
2.Treats sleeping disorders:
The therapy has been successful in treating sleeping disorders like insomnia. By treating this, it helps in improving body metabolism.
3.Boosts our immune system: 
When our metabolism gets improved, our immune system becomes strong to face various diseases. People suffering from Vitamin D deficiency are highly benefited.
4.Treatment of skin issues: 
The therapy is used to treat acne, wrinkles, rashes and freckles on the skin. Various wavelengths emitted during the treatment removes dark spots hence toning our skin.
5.Treat depressions:
The therapy is successful in treating depressions and frequent mood swings. A chemical change in the brain that occurs due to this therapy helps lift the mood and morale. The gloominess is removed effectively. It also removes hypertension and reduces anxiety levels.
6.Improves brainpower: 
The red light that penetrates through the skull into the brain cells helps to produce more ATP, which generates more apparent, sharper thinking power.

Criteria while adopting the therapy:
a. Intensity:
The intensity of the emitted light should be check with regards to its distance from you.
b. Duration: 
One should start with shorter sessions of about 20 to 30 mins. The duration could be increased gradually as per the results obtained.
c. Timing: 
For most people, the therapy works best when done early morning. The doctor can suggest you the best time to take this therapy.
a. Get a suitable lightbox: 
You should consult the doctor before getting the lightbox for yourself. The box should be safe in emitting light.
b. Be regular: 
The therapy works best if you stick to your daily routine. Being negligent and irregular would not give good results.
c. Track the timing: 
You should keep a time check when you start and stop the lightbox.

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